The Dressmaker's Daughter

Author: Greene,Joshua ,M

Item Code: 100093590

Product Type Book

Format Paperback

ISBN 9781338619416


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One dark morning, armed guards stormed into our cold, wooden barrack, pointed their rifles at us, and yelled, ‘You and you! Out!’ … Two days later we arrived at another concentration camp: Stutthof. Soon after our arrival, guards pushed me and my mother onto a truck with four other women and told us we were being sent to work on a farm. The truck arrived at the farm—and my mother’s skill as a dressmaker saved our lives ...” The Nazis have ordered Ditta and her mother to work as slave laborers. Can they find a way to survive together?

Genre: Adventure Stories, Family & Home Stories, Historical Fiction Subject: True Stories, History Reading Level: Upper Primary School Year: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 Ages: 10 to 12 Page Count: 112

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