Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs

Author: Paley-Phillips,Giles

Illustrator: Pichon,Liz

Item Code: 100089839

Product Type Book

Format Hardback

ISBN 9780702305450


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If you love dinosaurs then you will LOVE this book!
On every street in every town, perhaps next door to you,Dinosaurs are doing things you won't believe are true...

What do you think dinosaurs get up to in their free time? I'll tell you something, they're not off eating leaves—they're out having fun! 
Whether it's trampolining, whizzing around on skates, becoming movie stars—or even astronauts—these dinosaurs have the best time ever. And you can join in the fun!

Genre: Family & Home Stories, Animal Stories Subject: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Reading Level: Foundation, Lower Primary School Year: Pre-School, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 Ages: 3 to 6 Page Count: 24

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