Tote Tray Lid

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Build a connected classroom storage collection any way you plan to use it—for levelled reading, hardcover picture books, chapter books, or for your STEM and craft materials. Our new CLASSROOM BUILDERS collection acknowledges the Tote Tray as the backbone of every organised classroom and includes Books Tubs, Storage Caddies and Snap-lock Cases which all slide in, connect to, or sit alongside each other! Whether you're starting from scratch or taking a new approach to organising your classroom, you'll want to start building your colour coordinated or rainbow collections today.
Transparent, practical, innovative! These tote tray lids have been created with a unique profile which enables you to lock your your book tubs into position on top. If you're short of space, this means you can now store vertically as well as horizontally!

Ages: 3 to 12

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