Pet Adoption Truck (Klutz)

Item Code: 100087523

Product Type Book

Format Novelty book

ISBN 9781338643862

Series KLUTZ

Publisher: KLUTZ INC (SBS)

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This kit lets you build a cute truck from chipboard and sculpt adorable animals, grooming accessories and treats from clay.  Adopt your new 'forever friend' from the 11 designs, including kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, and lots of puppies (corgi, chihuahua, dalmatian, beagle, and more!) Pet adoption van mobile pet groomer = something for everyone!

Genre: Non Fiction / Reference Subject: Interactive & Activity Books, Handicrafts Reading Level: Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 Ages: 8 to 11 Page Count: 32

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