Rise of the Dragons #2: Lost Land

Author Khoury,Jessica

Item Code 8642593

Product Type Book

Format Hardback

ISBN 9781338263626

Series Thea Stilton


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Sirin, Allie, and Joss have joined forces with the legendary silver dragon Lysander, the only creature capable of opening portals between the two worlds. But the powerful Lennix clan is following the children's every move and will stop at nothing to capture Lysander. After generations of plotting, the Lennixes–and their bloodthirsty dragon allies, the Raptors–are terrifyingly close to establishing a brutal dragon regime on Earth, just like they did centuries ago.

Book 2–with collectible dragon game cards.

Genre: Adventure Stories Subject: Mysteries & Mythology Reading Level: Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 Ages: 8 to 12 Page Count: 320

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