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Buckle up for the funniest, naughtiest and coolest series you'll ever read!

They look like the Bad Guys, they sound like the Bad Guys... and they even smell like the Bad Guys. But Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Snake and Mr Shark are about to change all of that–whether you want them to or not! Will Mr Wolf's daring, dangerous plans give the Bad Guys a much-needed image makeover? Will Mr Snake stop swallowing things he shouldn't? And who is that mysterious figure watching them from the shadows? 

Titles included:

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2: Mission Unpluckable
  • Episode 3: The Furball Strikes Back
  • Episode 4: Attack of the Zittens
  • Episode 5: Intergalactic Gas
  • Episode 6: Aliens Vs Bad Guys
  • Episode 7: Do-You-Think-He-Saur-Us?!
  • Episode 8: Superbad
  • Episode 9: The Big Bad Wolf.

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