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Stunningly illustrated and impeccably researched, this book is a unique publishing experience designed to capture the attention of children, but will educate and entertain the nature lover and explorer in us all. Whether you have a fascination to learn about the world’s animals and plants or the places where they live, you’ll find it in this book, bringing you an unparalleled snapshot of Planet Earth’s most critical habitats.

Illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock—a well travelled, highly acclaimed illustrator known for his playful style. This book will take you from thousands of metres down into the lightless world of a Pacific Ocean abyss where the pressure is so immense it would flatten aeroplanes, to the top of Mount Everest to find a rare breed of geese who can cope with the lack of oxygen.  Go on an intricate adventure with our vast, wild and beautiful world environment.

80-pp hardcover. Primary.

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