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Emma has a very different outlook to Pip's, and the pair just cannot seem to get along. This shouldn't be a problem, and it wouldn't be a problem–if it weren't for the fact that Emma's Dad is getting married to Pip's Mum!

For Dad's sake, Emma tries to keep the peace, but it is a very difficult task. That is, until a book of spells and wishes finds its way into the household, and she accidentally becomes a witch in a secret ceremony intended to impart magical powers to Pip. Emma is horrified. She never wanted to be a witch, and there seem to be a lot of difficult responsibilities attached to the job. Pip isn't too pleased either–it was meant to be her.

Pip and Emma find themselves working together to reverse the effects of the spell, but nothing they can come up with offers a solution to their problem. Horrible! But now Emma has an advantage over Pip, and maybe it would be fun to put it to good use...

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