Hide and Seek with Grandpa

Author Allen,Ed

Illustrator Johnston,Nicky

Item Code 8573874

Product Type Book

Format Hardback

ISBN 9781742765426


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Ready or not, here I go! Come and find me, Grandpa!
Am I hiding high or low?
Where could I be?
Keep looking all around the park!

It is so much fun playing hide and seek with Grandpa!

Genre: Family & Home Stories, Animal Stories Subject: Picture Books, Humour & Jokes, Hobbies, Quizzes & Games, Sports & Outdoor Recreation, Father’s Day Reading Level: Foundation, Lower Primary School Year: Pre-School, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2 Ages: 3 to 7 Page Count: 24

Nicky Johnston is an award winning children’s book author and illustrator. She has several bestselling titles published in Australia and overseas. Nicky’s illustration style is often described as whimsical, playful, narrative, emotive and colourful. She loves to work in watercolour, ink, pencils and pastel. 


As a primary teacher and acclaimed presenter, Nicky’s love of books sees her thoroughly enjoy taking illustrator workshops and visiting schools regularly. She is passionate about inspiring young children with a love for reading, writing and drawing, encouraging them to use their imagination and develop their own ideas. Nicky lives by the beach with her husband and four sons.

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