Space Rocks Kit

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Product Type Book

Format Paperback

ISBN 9781338171525


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Blast off into space and discover fun facts and cool trivia about comets, asteroids, meteorites, space junk, and other things that fall from the sky. Then come back to Earth and uncover the mystery behind fantastical, glowing rocks that exist right under your feet.

With this Space Rocks dig-it kit, you will unearth mysterious rocks from an unidentified otherworldly mass that has seemingly fallen from space, but is it really... FROM OUTER SPACE? If not, where did it come from? Explore the properties of this mass with cool science tools, experiments and activities. Then display your findings in a luminescent UV display case.

Kit includes:

  • 32-page Space Rocks activity book
  • mysterious rock
  • 4 hidden rocks
  • UV light display case
  • brush
  • wooden hammer
  • wooden chisel
  • plastic scoop
  • secret space reagent.

Genre: Non Fiction / Reference Subject: Science & Technology Learning Area: Science & Technology Reading Level: Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 Ages: 7 to 10

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