Indigenous Games Card Set 2

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ISBN 9781925398977

Series Indigenous Studies


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Get active with this collection of 35 fun games inspired by traditional and contemporary Indigenous games.

Each game has been designed in consultation with Indigenous communities around Australia, and includes background information to help children understand the Indigenous context of each activity. There is a focus on developing throwing, catching and strengthening activities in the Early Years, and by combining cards you will have complete lesson plans, from warm-up, to skill building, to game practice!

How to use the cards:
•    Choose from five categories of games: warm-ups, tracking, strengthening, running, and catching/throwing.
•    Decide on the aim of the game–is it for children to learn a new skill, or for strengthening and developing current skills?
•    Review the easy-reference symbols for cautions (eg collision risks that may help organisational decisions), number of participants, and indoor or outdoor space required.
•    Discuss with children the cultural context of the game.
•    Gather any equipment you may need.
•    Play!

Learning Area: Health and Physical Education Reading Level: Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 Ages: 8 to 10 Page Count: 35

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