Wipe Clean Workbook Get Ready for Preschool

Item Code: 100048377

Product Type Book

Format Spiral bound

ISBN 9781338148114

Series Scholastic Early Learners


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Wipe Clean Workbooks–Get Ready for Preschool is designed to provide plenty of practice for children about to enter Pre-K.
It focuses on a variety of first concepts, including: letters, numbers, shapes, colours, animals, seasons, weather, vehicles, people, and food.

There are tracing, writing, and drawing activities to help children with their pen control and motor skills, while looking at the letters and words and sounding them out encourages reading skills, increases children's vocabulary, and stimulates children's development of language.
Includes wipe-clean pen.

Genre: Non Fiction / Reference Subject: Early Learning Reading Level: Foundation School Year: Pre-School, Foundation Ages: 3 to 5 Page Count: 56

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