Gotcha Gadgets

Item Code 8455966

Product Type Book

Format Novelty book

ISBN 9780545805933

Series KLUTZ

Publisher KLUTZ INC (SBS)

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Science meets immaturity in this top-selling title with a set of customisable electronic gizmos, along with a book of games, pranks, and jokes. Klutz-clear explanations of the electronic circuitry accompany step-by-step instructions for how to wire (and rewire) your own door alarm, motion sensor, light sensor, and push-button device.

Set includes:

32-page book
1 electronics module with speaker
Photo detector
Contact switches
1 alligator clip
1 gadget dock
4 double-sided gadget covers.

Genre: General Fiction Subject: Science & Technology Reading Level: Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 Ages: 8 to 11 Page Count: 32
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Gotcha Gadgets Contents

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