Circuit Clay

Item Code 8453101

Product Type Book

Format Novelty book

ISBN 9781338106367

Series KLUTZ

Publisher KLUTZ INC (SBS)

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Learn the science of electricity while crafting with clay! Two specially- formulated clays allow you to build circuits into monsters, cars, and other easy-to-mold sculptures that light up.

Teaches 15 projects (components are re-usable).


  • 52-page book
  • 4 colours of conductive clay (50 g each)–orange, green, black, blue
  • 1 colour of insulating clay (50 g)–white
  • Battery case (with screw and on/off switch)
  • Connector wires (1 pair of wires,150 mm long)
  • 20 LEDs–red, yellow, green, blue, white
  • Punch-out accessories.

4 AA batteries not included

Genre: Non Fiction / Reference Subject: Handicrafts Reading Level: Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 Ages: 7 to 11 Page Count: 52

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