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My Alphabet Stones Game

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This Fair Trade-produced, hand-crafted game is a unique way for young children to learn their alphabet! Each small padded 'stone' has a letter hand-embroidered on one side, ideal for children who benefit from hands-on learning. A wonderful addition to an Indigenous-inspired learning centre!

As this is a handmade product, colours may vary slightly to those pictured, but the quality will remain the same. Scholastic is proud to support Fair Trade practice — the artisans who produce these wonderful products are specialists in their field, be it embroidery, hand stitching or screen printing. They work as part of a 'collaborative operative', which enables them to better control their working conditions.

A percentage of the profits goes directly towards building and maintaining schools in their communities and ensures their children have uniforms, books and paid school fees.

  • Screen-printed drawstring material bag, measuring approx. 360 mm x 230 mm
  • 26 hand-embroidered padded 'stones', each measuring approx. 50 mm in diameter
Learning Area: History School Year: Early Childhood, Pre-School, Foundation Ages: 3 to 5

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