Budinge and the Min Min Lights

Author Kirk,Uncle Joe

Illustrator Harrold,Sandi

Item Code 8342566

Product Type Book

Format Paperback

ISBN 9781743628577

Series Wakka Wakka


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Budinge lives with his grandmother deep in the Australian bush.

One night Budinge notices a bright light twinkling through the trees. His grandmother had often warned him if he didn't behave the Mim Min lights would come and lead him away. Could this be the Min Min lights?

Budinge is a dreaming story told by Uncle Joe Kirk, a Brisbane Wakka Wakka elder.

Genre: Traditional Stories, Animal Stories

Subject: Picture Books

Reading Level: Early Childhood, Foundation, Lower Primary

School Year: Early Childhood, Pre-School, Foundation, Year 1

Ages: 3 to 7

Page Count: 24

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