Author Munoz Ryan,Pam


Item Code 8340624

Product Type Book

Format Hardback

ISBN 9780439874021


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Lost and alone in a forbidden forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and suddenly finds himself entwined in a puzzling quest involving a prophecy, a promise and a harmonica.

Decades later, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania and Ivy in California each in turn become interwoven when the very same harmonica lands in their lives. All the children face daunting challenges: rescuing a father, protecting a brother, holding a family together. Ultimately — pulled by the invisible thread of destiny — their suspenseful solo stories converge in an orchestral crescendo.

Richly imagined and masterfully crafted, Echo pushes the boundaries of genre and form, and shows us what is possible in how we tell stories. The result is an impassioned, uplifting and virtuosic tour de force that will resound in your heart long after the last note has been struck. 

Genre: General Fiction

Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary

School Year: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

Ages: 10 to 14

Page Count: 512

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