Panjabi Costume

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The Panjabi and Pajama is the national dress of the men of Bangladesh and is very popular in other parts of the subcontinent.

This outfit will introduce children to the clothing styles and fabrics of our Asian neighbours. The attention to detail is incredible: this costume could be used as a display piece to expose older children to the wonderful craftsmanship practised in Asia, or to introduce them to the concept of Fair Trade.

The outfit consists of:
  • 1 pair of loose-fitting trousers
  • 1 long shirt with full sleeves
  • 1 ornately embroidered cap
Handmade by artisans under Fair Trade conditions. Colours may vary, but the quality will remain the same.
Learning Area: Civics and Citizenship School Year: Pre-School, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2 Ages: 3 to 8

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