Aussie Heroes: Caroline Chisholm

Author McCartney,Tania

Illustrator Reynolds,Pat

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ISBN 9781921928482

Series Aussie Heroes


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Caroline Chisholm was born in England in 1808 to a well-to-do farmer and landowner William Jones, and his wife Sarah. She grew up in a time when immigration to far-flung places like Canada and Australia was on the rise. Coupled with tales of foreign lands from the visitors who frequented the Jones family household, Caroline became enchanted by the notion of living and working overseas where she began her philanthropic work.

In 1839 Caroline returned to Sydney where she went on to undertake a long list of astonishing initiatives that helped shape Australia’s social infrastructure and pave the way for the success of its national multicultural community, including migration
reforms, safe and comfortable passage for immigrants, reuniting families, creating safer passage to the goldfields, unlocking the land for families to settle and establish farms and small businesses, and the hugely successful Family Colonization Loan Society, which allowed families the financial means to emigrate to Australia.

Henry Parkes once said Caroline Chisholm alone was responsible for the successful colonisation of Australia (Henry Parkes’s Empire newspaper, 15 August 1859). Indeed, she set in place the philanthropic mechanisms that put family, children, health, housing and education at the forefront of the Australian way of life.

Genre: Non Fiction / Reference

Subject: People & Places

Reading Level: Upper Primary, Middle Primary

School Year: Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Lexile Level:: 1100L

Ages: 9 to 12

Page Count: 98

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