GeoSafari Jr. Bugnoculars

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Kid-cool, bug-friendly, bugnificent!

These bug-friendly and kid-cool Bugnoculars are handy for catching critters and collecting other natural phenomena for up-close viewing.

Built-in twin 3x magnifiers allow kids to study the tiniest critters, seeds, flowers, leaves, fossils and even fish antadpoles in the watertight bottom.

The crystal-clear container is perfect for observation and the lid has special air holes so critters can breathe. The built-in carrying handle is great for young on-the-go scientists and the secure snap-lock lid keeps specimens safe inside.

Measures 165 m H x 89 mm W x 188 mm L.

Learning Area: Science & Technology School Year: Early Childhood, Pre-School, Foundation Ages: 3 to 5

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