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A bunch of scientifically proven ways to blow your mind!

The world is weirder than you think. Want proof? Look no further than this book — which actually looks back at you. In fact, its eyes follow you across the room... And there's more weirdness inside.

The Book of Impossible Objects
comes with all the plastic pieces, paper parts and special pages that you need to experience 25 impossible things, for example:
  • Spin the wobblestone and watch it reverse direction all by itself.
  • Wander the paper labrynth, an ever-changing folded maze.
  • Use the Mirror Monster Maker to give yourself three eyes.
  • Follow a road sign that points in a different direction everytime you check it.
These objects all work like magic, bu there are no tricks here. All the weirdness has a solid scientific basis — gom the mathematically amazing M?bius strip (a band of paper with only one side), to cardstock acrobats with astoundingly great balance, to a spinning top that changes colours before your eyes.

The 'Why?' behind each 'Wow!' is explained with crystal clarity by the award-winning team of Pat Murphy and the scientists of Klutz Labs.

Which makes for a book that's not only weird — it's wonderful!

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