Kingfisher Readers Level 5: Record Breakers - The Fastest

Author Stones,Brenda

Item Code 8103709

Product Type Book

Format Paperback

ISBN 9780753430668

Series Kingfisher Readers


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For the first time, Kingfisher brings its expertise in beautifully-designed, trusted nonfiction to the sphere of learning to read. This new graded young readers series will grip children's interest. Developed with literacy experts, the five-level series will guide young readers as they build confidence and fluency in their literacy skills and progress towards reading alone.

Level 5: Reading Fluently
Level 5 is for readers fast developing  in confidence and ability. There is more text than at Level 4, with more difficult vocabulary, more sophisticated information and a range of tenses and sentence types. Information is still clear and apealling.

Genre: Non Fiction / Reference Subject: General Knowledge & Trivia, Education Reading Level: Middle Primary School Year: Year 3, Year 4 Lexile Level:: 950 Ages: 8 to 10 Reading Level: 29 to 30 Colour Wheel: Sapphire Education Genre: Informative Page Count: 48

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