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Publisher LOVE TO SING

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A collection of up-beat skipping songs
for a healthy heart!

Skip your way to fitness with a variety of funky, up-beat music to accompany fun skipping rope activities that progresses from simple to more challenging ideas.

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  • Teacher Resource book (PDF)
Track Listing:
  1. Imaginary Jumps (Teapot remix)
  2. Slow Single Jumps (King of the Jungle)
  3. Single & Double Jumps (Jumping Jelly Beans)
  4. Forward & Backward Jumps (Jump A-Long for Fun)
  5. High Knee Jumps (Catch a Star)
  6. Skipping Jumps (Riggedy Jig)
  7. One Legged Jumps (Buckle my Shoe)
  8. Scissor Jumps (Star Dust)
  9. Sway Jumps (Bumble Bee Medley)
  10. Side to Side Jumps (Pop, Bang, Crack)
  11. Front Kicks (Alice the Camel)
  12. Creative Jumps (Going to the Zoo)
  13. Travelling Skips (Do your Ears hang Low?)
  14. Cross Over Jumps (Swing to the Left & Right)
  15. Double Up (Clocks)
  16. Speedster (Propulsion)
  17. Warm-Down

Learning Area: Health and Physical Education School Year: Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 Ages: 4 to 10

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