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One of a series of meticulously researched, historical novels in which each book
 is written in the form of a fictional diary of a young person living during an important event
or time period in Australian history.

It scares me a lot, thinking of Dad out there, far away in that dangerous, terrible place, wondering how it will be when he comes back—if he comes back, that is...

Marie's dad has been away for two years, fighting on the Somme battlefields in northern France. For months there has been no word from him, no letters or postcards. Marie and her mother are sick with worry, so they decide to stop waiting—and instead travel to France to try to find out what has happened to him. There Marie experiences first-hand what war is like as she tries to piece together the clues behind her father's disappearance.

Will Marie ever see her father again?

208-pp softcover. Middle/Upper Primary.

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