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Make Your Own Music Video 6-Pack

Author Nichols,Kaitlyn

Item Code 7986651

Product Type Arts & Crafts

ISBN 9781591748502

Series KLUTZ

Publisher KLUTZ INC (SBS)

  • Description

Unleash your creativity (and just a little bit of rock star attitude)! It's an online phenomenon. Kids everywhere have discovered that the quickest path to rock stardom does not involve after-school recorder lessons or lugging a tuba on the school bus. Skip right to the fun stuff and go directly for the glory-star in a music video. Whether you lip-sync or play your own tunes, with Make Your Own Music Video you can create an awesome video starring your awesome self. Learn how to develop storyboards. Add drama with special angles and clever camera tricks. Deliver blockbuster special effects on a weekly allowance budget. Whether your style is country, pop, hip-hop, or headbangin' rock, our free editing software will make you look like the video star of the year. All you need is a basic video camera and a dream.

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