Zombie Season

Author: Weinberger, Justin

Item Code: 100128404

Product Type Book

Format Paperback

ISBN 9781760265298


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No one is ever ready for zombie season. Joule refuses to evacuate with her mum. She can’t leave town while her dad’s still missing. But what if he’s not just lost? What if he’s become what she most fears? Regina is proud of her scientist parents for working on a weapon to stop the zombies. That is until she learns that the weapon that’s supposed to help the humans might be doing just the opposite. Oliver knows there’s something weird about this year’s zombie season. But when the adults refuse to accept this scary truth, Oliver must find a way to sound the alarm. Something has changed, and time is running out ...

Genre: Adventure Stories, Family & Home Stories Subject: People & Places Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary School Year: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 Ages: 10 to 14 Page Count: 240
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