What a Desi Girl Wants

Author: Khan, Sabina

Item Code: 100126581

Product Type Book

Format Paperback

ISBN 9780702330230


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Mehar hasn't been back to India since she was four. She hasn't visited her father or any of her family. Why would she? Her father made it clear that she was not his priority when he chose not to come to the US with her and her mum. But when her father announces his engagement to socialite Naz, Mehar reluctantly agrees to return for the wedding. Maybe she and her father can heal their broken relationship. And, after all, her father is Indian royalty and his home is a palace. While her father still doesn't make the time for her and she hates Naz and her social media influencer daughter, Mehar barely cares once she meets Sufiya, her grandmother's assistant. Though they come from totally different worlds, their friendship slowly starts to blossom into something more ... Mehar thinks. But she can tell Naz is using her dad for his money and putting a stop to the wedding might be the best for everyone involed. What happens when telling her father the truth about Naz and Aleena means putting her relationship with Sufiya at risk.

Genre: Adventure Stories, Family & Home Stories Subject: People & Places Reading Level: Lower Secondary, Middle Secondary, Upper Secondary School Year: Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 Ages: 13 to 18 Page Count: 288

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